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Valkyrie (2023)

Mixed Media on Old Canvas sheet 1500mm x 1200mm



I’m calling my new series of works ‘Ragged Psalms’. Is it a dumb title? Dunno? ‘Ragged Psalms’ is taken from

a song I wrote as a 16 year old and I believed it was a good lyric then so I’m holding on to that teen naiveté and belligerent belief in my own immortality and great writing ability, and so there it is. 


These ‘Ragged Psalms’ works are all made on old/found/reclaimed canvas sheets - this one has several holes and loads of wear and tear. I start with no fixed destination and wait to see what emerges. There seems to be animal forms in this, although they are caricature or cartoon-like. It makes for an interesting journey.


The Valkyrie showed herself about half-way through the making of the piece. I guess she had to these days. For me,

she is Raptor-like.

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