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'I believe in confrontational Art, in Art as witness. Referencing historical, cultural or political topics, I try to make work that

evokes an emotional response in the viewer.'

'I have a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art and I've been working as a painter for just over 10 years.'

'I have collectors across the UK and Europe and I'm represented by Kyo Gallery in Washington DC.'

JCM lives and works in central Bristol, UK. He produces original artwork, paintings, sculpture and installations, and has won awards and commissions for his large-scale works, including a prestigious Royal West of England Academy (RWA) award for best piece in show at the 163rd Open event.

His show, ‘No Earth Beneath My Feet’ garnered critical acclaim for its investigative look into migration, displacement and identity.

Selected exhibitions include:

  • Royal West of England Academy best piece in show 163rd Open event,

  • ‘No Earth Beneath My Feet’ solo show Centrespace Gallery,

  • 'Naked Bodies in a Crypt'  Exhibition -  Bristol, UK,

  • 'Sometimes it's Art but Sometimes a Weapon'  Solo Show, Bristol UK.

  • Kyo Gallery Washington DC Openspace Launch.

  • 'Sometimes it's Art, Sometimes it's a Weapon'  - Solo Show, Cass Arts, Bristol. UK.

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